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    I wanna be a moderator/administrator! Empty I wanna be a moderator/administrator!

    Post  BubblezZ on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:31 pm

    okay so , even if we still don't have a strong number of users , this is gonna be open from now for whomever is interested in taking control over the forum.

    What a moderator is ?

    Is an user of the forum who has granted access to the posts and threads of all members for the purpose of moderating discussion , just like arbitration in a football game. They need to get sure that users follow the rules and they need to keep the forum clean. Common privileges of moderators include: deleting, merging, moving, and splitting of posts and threads; locking, renaming, stickying of threads; banning, unbanning, warning the members; or adding, editing, removing the polls of threads.

    What an administrator is ?

    The administrators manage the technical details required for running the site. As such, they may promote (and demote) members to moderators, manage the rules, create sections and sub-sections, as well as perform any database operations (database backup etc). Administrators often also act as moderators. Administrators may also make forum-wide announcements, or change the appearance (known as the skin) of a forum.

    If you are interested in applying to any of those "jobs" , you are welcome to say here few reasons why this could be suitable for you and what makes you good for it. In time we will be able to make polls where users are going to choose the moderators/administrators. Smile

    Thank you .

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