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    What is a hacker?


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    What is a hacker? Empty What is a hacker?

    Post  AmrH on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:30 pm

    What do u have on your mind when you hear the word 'hacker'? I'm sure you have that image of a weird teenager sitting in a dark room using a weird operating system with a black background, and typing some strange code in green color. Am I guessing right?! This is the image Hollywood has drawn for a hacker; however, a hacker is completely different. You'll know more about a hacker in this article.

    A hacker is an ordinary person. He's sociable, normal looking, and doesn't have a 24/7 dark room, and most importantly doesn't code in binary. The why he differs from me and you is his love for knowledge. A hacker might spend whole days to learn something new. He doesn't learn to exploit or destroy. He uses his knowledge to test security bugs and send the admins of those bugged servers messages with the security bug to fix them.

    On the opposite side, there's a Cracker. This is what you think of as a hacker. He's the person who cracks servers, steals passwords, hacks site, and destroys your computer. This is the malicious form of a hackers, someone who doesn't abide by the law and destroys people's properties. The media tends to tell you that a cracker is a hacker; however, this is completely incorrect and you should let people know that hackers are noble people.

    To learn more about hackers and how to be a hacker, follow the link below. This is an article by Eric Steven Raymond that elaborates more on hacking.


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