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    Learn programming in 21 days Empty Learn programming in 21 days

    Post  AmrH on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:41 pm

    Everybody seeks 'Learn ..... in 21 days' by Sams whenever we wanna learn a new programming language; however, do you think this is the best way to learn a programming language? Will it give you all you need? Will it make you stand out in the world of programming? That's what we'll take a shot at throughout this article.

    One day I wanted to learn the C programming language. When I examined the good programming texts, I found out they are about a thousand pages heavy, so I began of thinking to pick a 'For Dummies' or "Learn xxxxx in 21 Days" book. I thought that would give me merely what I need; however, I called an older friend who gave me an advice to stay away from such books and purchase the 'C how to program' book by Deitel. This book is about 1100 pages thick which made me think this man is insane. I thought: "Why would I read such a crappy book if I can read a concise one that will give me what I'll need?".

    Several months later when I read a lot through the Deitel's book, I found out that it didn't teach me the syntax of the language only, instead it taught me who to think effectively and solve problems. That's what we need guys. We need books that teach us how to program not show us the syntax of the language. Memorizing the syntax is of no use if you can't solve problems. To excel at a certain language you'll need quite a long time. So be patient and build good foundation.

    I'm not saying that thin books aren't good. "The C Programming Language" by K&R is the considered to be the best C text although it's only 200 something pages book. I'm criticizing the 'for dummies' and 'learn in 21 days books'.

    For further reference, follow this link:

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