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    Graduate as a professional!


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    Graduate as a professional! Empty Graduate as a professional!

    Post  AmrH on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:08 pm

    Everybody is talking nowadays about the job opportunities. Everybody is worrying about getting accepted as a freshman, but you CS student have an opportunity to graduate as a professional. Do you know that?! This article describe how you can graduate with a decent level of experience.

    When you graduate as a CS freshman, you shouldn't expect to work at a distinguished company. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM need people with some experience, 2 years at least. But what will you do throughout those 2 years? Are you gonna work for a company that will not pay well? Are you gonna work as a freelancer? There's a better plan that you can begin executing right now!

    Have you heard about Firefox? do u know Wordpress, GNU/LINUX, or PHP and mySql? those are all open source software that are developed by teams of volunteers around the world! Yes you're thinking right, you can contribute to those projects for free and have your name in the credits of this software! When you have your name on the credits, that will be a strong point you can use when applying for a job. You can prove to the boss that you've enough experience in a certain field by showing him that you've worked on such an amazing project like Open Office or Ubuntu Linux!

    This is all sweet talk, but how can I start contributing to such a project? Actually there are a lot of ways to contribute, ranging from helping translate the application to coding the program itself. Actually helping to translate or designing the graphics won't give you a plus when applying for a job, instead you'll need to show some proof that you've worked on the code of the program. So you'll need to start learning a programming language to help coding an application. You can wait to learn programming in college, or you can start right now by visiting this article:

    To wrap it up, Contributing to an Open Source application can give you a great plus when applying for a job.

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