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    Programming puzzles!


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    Programming puzzles! Empty Programming puzzles!

    Post  AmrH on Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:22 pm

    Every now and then I'll post a programming puzzle right here. Take your time to think of a solution that is efficient. A working solution isn't always the best solution!

    1. Who broke in?!

    One day I woke up and found my computer hacked. As a hacker, the first thing I thought about is REVENGE! I wanted to know who could access my secured network, so I looked in the log file for the domain name of the hacker. I found it this encrypted domain name:
    Can you tell who hacked my computer?!

    EDIT: Seems no body can solve this kind of puzzles, so I'll not put any new questions until we study some programming at the university.

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